Sun Sandwich


Bella Bean says: Make food fun. Let your child help prepare new foods. Playing games, singing songs and reading books about food are great ways to make food fun!

Create Together!

This recipe is a great way for your family to have fun with new foods!

Time to Make: 15 minutes
Servings: 2

Two paper plates
Knife to cut carrot and celery
Butter knife to spread peanut butter, cream cheese, or hummus

1 pita pocket
Peanut butter, cream cheese, or hummus
6 raisins
2 carrots
1 celery stalk


  1. Wash your hands with your child.
  2. Carefully slice pita pocket open to form two circles. Place one pita pocket circle on each paper plate.
  3. Cut carrots into sticks and celery into moon shapes.
  4. Do the following with your child:

– Spread a thin layer of peanut butter, cream cheese, or hummus over each pita.
– Use celery to make eyes and mouth.
– Use raisins for the nose.
– Use carrot sticks to surround the pita pockets to look like sun rays.

-Enjoy New Foods Today for Good Health Tomorrow!