02046_00425The Food Friends are on a mission! Their job is to engage kid’s curiosity in new foods and encourage them to make a mighty move towards physical activity. Colorado State University is pleased to bring you The Food Friends: Fun With New Foods and Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves.

The Food Friends consists of two programs: a nutrition component entitled Fun with New Foods and a physical activity component entitled Get Movin’ with Mighty Moves. The Food Friends programs are multi-faceted awareness and education programs designed to promote healthful habits and school readiness skills among preschool children. Fun With New Foods gets even the pickiest preschoolers to try healthful new foods and in an effort to develop better eating habits. Get Movin’ With Mighty Moves gets kids up and active by creating physical activity habits that last a lifetime.

With the recent increase in childhood overweight, it is becoming more important to instill healthy nutrition and physical activity habits at a young age. These two programs together provide a balanced approach to promoting healthful lifestyle choices in preschoolers. These programs have been evaluated extensively to ensure that changes in behavior are attained. Both The Food Friends programs focus on children and secondary influencers- teachers and parents of preschoolers.