Rhyming About Food


Howie Hamburger says: Try offering one new food at a time. Include familiar foods with new foods and let your child serve themselves small portions. Offer new foods at the beginning of meals or snacks when your child is most hungry.

Learn Together!

Rhyming with Food
Rhyming is a fun way for your child to learn about words and develop rhythm. Say these fun rhymes with your child:

Crunch, Crunch Carrot
Five orange carrots growing in the ground (five fingers up),
The crunchiest carrots ever around
I dug one up while singing this song (pretend to dig),
And ate it up until it was gone (pretend to eat).

Repeat with Four… Three… Two … One

Broccoli Tree Rhyme
(You): Broccoli trees! Broccoli trees! Who wants broccoli trees!
(Your child): Me please (points to self). Me please (points to self). I want broccoli trees (raises hand).
(You and Your child): We can both eat these yummy trees. These broccoli trees for you (point to each other) and me (point to self)!

Five Ripe Bananas
Five ripe bananas growing from a tree, (five fingers up)
The tastiest bananas you ever did see.
The wind came past (wave 5 fingers)
And gave an angry frown, (shake head and look angry)
And one banana fell to the ground (fall to ground).

Repeat with Four…Three…Two…One

-Enjoy New Foods Today for Good Health Tomorrow!