Ollie’s Cool Dude Tortillas


Grow Together!

Ollie loves cooking foods that use fruits and vegetables grown outdoors.

This activity uses a tortilla and vegetables to make Ollie’s face and body. You can also make a “breakfast” Ollie using fruit :

Face: Pancake or waffle.  Use peanut butter or cream cheese to attach fruit.
Mouth: Orange or apple slices
Nose: Half of a strawberry or grape
Eyes: Banana slices, grapes, kiwi slices, any kind of berry

These fruit examples are just ideas. Be creative and use whatever fruit you have around your kitchen!

Ollie’s Cool Dude Tortillas

Servings: 2

2 paper plates
Child-safe utensil

2 six-inch flour tortillas
1/3 cup shredded cheddar (or any kind) of cheese
New Food Toppings for Ollie’s Face and Body

For example:
Hair: shredded zucchini
Sunglasses: slices of tomato
Nose: cooked red beans or another new kind of bean
Mouth: strips of red or green peppers
Shorts: chopped green chilies or onions

1) Wash your hands with your child
2) Prepare new food toppings
3) Do the following with your child:
– Place each tortilla on a plate.
– Spread ½ of cheese on each tortilla (all the way to edges).
– Bake each tortilla for 10 minutes at 325 F, or until cheese is melted.
– Decorate Ollie’s face and body with the new foods you have chosen.
– Serve with Marty Milk!

-Enjoy New Foods Today for Good Health Tomorrow!