Making Stories out of Food


Rudy D. Radish says: Avoid forcing your child to eat new foods. Kids like foods less if they are forced to eat the foods or given bribes or rewards for eating the foods. Avoid using the “one bite” rule or making children “clean their plate.”

Imagine Together!

Children love pretending and making up imaginary places and characters. Encourage this creativity while eating by asking them to tell you a story with their food. Here are some foods that look like objects found in nature:

  • Broccoli = Trees
  • Cauliflower = Trees in the winter
  • Yellow or red bell pepper strips = Roads
  • Carrot sticks = Fences, tree trunks, branches
  • Mashed potatoes = Snow, clouds
  • Small chunks of chicken or beef = Rocks
  • You can use cookie cutters to make animal shapes out of sandwiches or Jello (add fruit to Jello to make it more filling and nutritious)
  • You can also build animal characters really easily. Follow our recipe (link to 3.4 Cottage Cheese Bunny- Seasonal Recipes) to make a bunny out of a pear, cottage cheese, and a few other ingredients.
  • Encourage your child to use his/her imagination to make up even more stories!

-Enjoy New Foods Today for Good Health Tomorrow!