Get Movin’ With Mighty Moves®


Program Overview

The goal of Mighty Moves® is to enhance preschool children’s gross motor skill development, in an effort to develop confidence in movement and increased physical activity levels. Further, Mighty Moves engages teachers and parents by increasing awareness of the importance of gross motor skill development during early childhood and how skill development provides the foundation for healthy physical activity habits. Both the classroom and home environment can provide children with experiences to enhance motor skill development and physical activity levels.

Program Objectives

• To encourage children to develop gross motor skills, including locomotor, stability, and object manipulation skills
• To instill movement concepts, including body awareness, space awareness, action awareness, and movement-based learning
• To encourage and promote dramatic play and imagination
• To build community awareness
• To encourage the development of a positive attitude toward movement and physical activity
• To build and reinforce school-readiness skills

What is it?

The Mighty Moves program is comprised of three components: Teacher/Provider Training, Classroom/Family Childcare Home Implementation, and Home Connection. All three components are integral to the success of the program and work synergistically to establish a positive environment for children to practice and develop gross motor skills and to be active.

Who is it for?

Mighty Moves is developmentally-appropriate for three- to five-year-old children. It must be noted that there are major developmental differences between three-, four-, and five-year-olds. Therefore, throughout this program, you will see that the activities are designed with each age group and skill ability in mind. In addition to the children, the teachers and parents also receive educational information.

Does it work?

Yes! In 2006, a Mighty Moves study was conducted in eight Head Start centers throughout Colorado. Physical fitness,
gross motor skills, and physical activity were measured before and after program implementation. Data showed that children exposed to the program significantly increased gross motor skills and physical fitness when compared to the control group. Current data supports these conclusions, as greater than 60% of children will increase their motor performance and physical activity after completing the program.