Food Art


Bella Bean says: Make food fun. Let your child help prepare new foods. Playing games, singing songs and reading books about food are great ways to make food fun!

Kids love to make artwork related to food. Here are some fun food art ideas!

Food Art Handout (Download PDF)

  • String O-shaped cereal onto thin licorice strips to make edible “jewelry”.
  • Paint faces using food coloring on potatoes to make “Potato Heads”.
  • Create a Food Collage using grocery ads or pictures from cooking magazines.
  • Ask your child to draw his/her favorite food.
  • Glue pasta, rice, couscous, or other grains to a paper plate to make a picture.
  • Make an edible “house” using graham cracker squares and a little bit of frosting for glue. Add flowers (berries), snow (yogurt), or other decorations.
  • Make food sculptures out of Play-Doh.
  • Make edible paint by smashing blueberries, raspberries, and other vibrantly colored fruits in a bowl.
  • Explore using foods as a paintbrush. Try dipping foods with interesting shapes or textures (popcorn, marshmallows, corn on the cob, etc.) in paint to make designs and patterns on paper.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut shapes into sandwiches and tortillas.
  • Have your child think of and draw new Food Friends (Tommy Tomato or Lucy Lettuce).