Bean Sprout Activity


Grow Together!

Go to the library and ask a librarian to help you find a book about types of fruits and vegetables or about how plants grow. Pick up a copy of “Jack and the Beanstalk” to read with your child before you do the Bean Sprout activity.

Bean Sprout activity

Dried beans or packet of bean seeds (buy these at a grocery store or garden center)
Paper cup
Potting soil (buy these in the gardening section of many stores)
Container of water to soak the beans in

1) Soak a dried bean overnight in a cup of water.
2) Help your child plant the dried bean in the soil. Fill the paper cup about ½ full with soil, add the bean, and then add more soil until the cup is about ¾ full. Water until the soil is moist.
3) Place the bean cup in a sunny spot in your house and water it every two days.

-Enjoy New Foods Today for Good Health Tomorrow!